Celene emerged after many months of thinking and preparing. Looking for elegant and discreet jewelry that can be worn by all women on a daily basis and on any occasion, I ended up shopping  jewelry from abroad for many years. I could not possibly find in Greece beautiful quality jewelry at reasonable prices, affordable by everyone. Everything was either very expensive or very low quality. Why do I have to compromise on price to have quality in my jewelry? After endless shipments and extra costs that in some cases even reached the cost of the jewelry itself , I thought: why not create something similar in Greece so that I can enjoy both quality and low price? So I came up with beautiful and modern jewelry with identity, made of 999 carat silver and 18k gold, budget-friendly and for all ages! Because beauty and confidence must be for everyone! In this eshop you will find jewelry that I design and produce in Greece with a team of experienced craftsmen, which appear in the form of collections with different themes each time and are inspired by the world around us! But beyond that, with the custom jewelry service we can also make the jewelry of your dreams at the lowest cost of the market. So, you will have something unique in the world of your own!

Irini Kolyva

Founder of Celene